Swings, Hit, Clubs And Tees That’s Golf

May 31, 2019 Off By Vitale Siciliani

In the world of sports industry there are so many prominent sports which require no introduction, almost every person is aware of the facts and rules and everything about such sports for example: Cricket, hockey, football and boxing (certainly there are other sports too, but most famous has been mentioned before). Okay! Not everyone can afford to play cricket or hockey or any other sports professionally (not everyone is that lucky in life) but still one can get training, most of the sports are affordable which means one can get professional training for that particular sport. Visit https://www.perthgolfcentre.com.au/mini-golf for indoor mini golf.

Now when we are talking about sports and affordability, how can we not mention the name of the most expensive sports i.e. “Golf” some calls it sports of rich people, some call it luxury and not even consider it as a sport and why not things are so quite on a golf club fitting Perth, people in the audience look so high profile and they don’t even chant without reason. One can estimate the expenses of this sport that only the bat of the golf (which is called ‘club’) is quite expensive and is not easily available in the market. One has to maintain certain class in order to play this sport, moreover there is no specific uniform of this sport but the decorum must be followed, a golf player has to follow the dress code which is a polo shirt (long sleeve or short, must be collared), pants/shorts/slacks (depends on personal preference of the player), Golf shoes (usually there are three types of golf shoes are available in the market, but does not pertain to the sport itself), a sober belt (it must not be something funky or sparkling informal kind), as per the weather a golf player can wear a hat or cap (but this is something extra and not mandatory). Golf has always been considered as a sober and serious game and it’s a reality too, a golf player is not allowed to wear anything sparkling, funky or bold as result it will be considered as a non-serious attitude.

This game is for rich people to some extent this is true because, every person cannot afford golf’s gadgets there are specific golf gloves too (which players wear in order to prevent sweaty palms, as it can ruin the shot badly). Unlike Cricket or hockey golf requires mental connection, balance and posture plus extreme concentration (it can be evident from the fact that even the audience is not allowed to cheer, shout or make unnecessary noise as it will be considered as hindrance for the golf player), similarly loud music is also not allowed on the golf course (for the same reasons mentioned above). What to say discussion about golf cannot be concluded in such a short span of time but, overall it’s a therapy.